OSbiome, Singapore based health tech company

OSbiome was founded in Singapore with one goal in mind: to improve the gut health of people all over Singapore and Southeast Asia. Our revolutionary at-home Gut Health Test Kits were designed to be as accessible as possible, both in terms of price and usability.

Pair our kits with our team of scientists who will analyze your results with our lab-grade Next Generation Sequencing technology, and you’ll have top-quality results without leaving your home or breaking the bank.

With our easy-to-use kits, now everyone can have an expert’s view on their gut health! 

Our Gut Health Test Kits were designed to be as user-friendly as possible to help us reach our goal of bringing gut health to every household. 

OSbiome - DIY Microbiome Test Kit

Why Choose OSbiome for your DIY Gut Health Test?

Singapore's Leading Health Tech Company

We strive to be leaders in the gut health industry as the influence of our gut on the rest of our body continues to be studied and understood.

Clinical studies show a meaningful connection between our gut health and our weight, digestion, and even mental health.

An imbalanced microbiome has been shown to cause or contribute to diseases like IBS, autoimmune disorders, GI tract problems, and even cancer. 

Scientists all over the world continue to study how our gut influences our body and make tremendous discoveries every year. 

Your Gut Can Help You Unlock Your Healthiest Self

OSbiome - Gut Health Tech Company

With OSbiome, getting a full report on your gut health has never been easier.

You can now get personalized gut health results, analyzed with lab-grade sequencing equipment for under $200, all from the comfort of your own home.

We look forward to expanding our service to people outside of Singapore to fulfil our ultimate mission: to change the world, one gut at a time.